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The provident fund is a long-term contractual saving comprising of “employee contribution” and “company contribution”.

The scheme ensures that a certain part of your salary goes towards building a retirement corpus for you. Twelve per cent of your salary is deducted every month and put into that retirement kitty.

Your employer also pitches in with 12 per cent of your salary every month. But of this, 8.33 per cent is diverted to your pension fund—and the remaining amount put into the provident fund

Your contribution to Provident fund and your total balance in EPF earns interest also and grows with time. The rate of interest is fixed by the central government, in consultation with a central

board of trustees, every year in March-April. The interest is credited to your account on a monthly running balance with effect from the last day in each year.

In case you have changed more than one job in a year, you can still get your provident fund money from various employers by transferring the amounts and consolidating them in your current PF


Means 2 End as part of Compliance Management Services manages PF of the respective Company with filing of various forms for reporting a particular event.

 Form 2  Declaration and nomination of an employee
 Form 3A  Contribution card for a financial year of a employee
 Form 5  Return of employee qualifying for membership of employee provident fund
 Form 6A  Annual return
 Form 10  Return of the members leaving service
 Form 10C  Claiming withdrawal benefits of pension fund
 Form 12A  Statement of contribution
 Form 19  Claiming employee provident fund dues